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As my organization – Thomasian Film Society (tfs for short) will be making a ‘November production’ for the first time in 2 years of being an established organization and I am honored to be one of the actors, the shoot was held at Escolta, Manila! I personally don’t know the place for I don’t explore Manila so much whilst my friends keep on telling me “Escolta is a place for hipsters” and I might say, that made me excited. Although I brought my car with me, I REGRETTED IT – BIG TIME (well low key big time (is there such thing??)). It was so hard to drive through Escolta because there are so many street vendors on the way. Not only that, people walk on the streets feeling like they’re walking on a park – such a nightmare for drivers to drive around. As I found a parking, my org mates and I immediately went to the Escolta Block Party; but we’re not here to party (but we actually did during the shoot) we actually walked around and find perfect venues to shoot.

The short film is a Halloween special – that’s the hint I’m giving for we haven’t released it yet (and yes we know, it’s already December! I personally don’t know when we’ll upload it but I’ll put the link here soon for you to watch).

Escolta literally wowed me of how cool of a place it is. Bought a bunch of things and just enjoyed the atmosphere it has. And of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have a photo!


We left the place at about 12 in the morning and I was so knackered!

To sum the little getaway I had; I’m happy of how I did not have any panic attacks and my acting was okay. I was scared of not giving the expected performance my org is looking for. On the other hand, I had so much fun! I met new friends and discovered a new hub for hipsters in the city. I’ll definitely go back and recommend Escolta! xx


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