You are beautiful and smart

You are who you are, no matter what people say. Always be confident, and believe in yourself – regardless of having a bad hair day, or even it’s acne season.. you are:


Surprisingly, YOU are beautiful. sigh. Jokes aside, there will always be people who are more attractive than you, no big deal right? I mean, us girls typically scroll through random Instagram photos of some chick who we believe is the actual #goals — and at this moment our self esteem is hiding somewhere in the center of the earth and wouldn’t want to be seen or discovered (more like our boyfriends kidd). Don’t worry, that’s completely normal! But don’t let it eat you, these thoughts may cause anxiety and/or depression which totally sucks, cause why should a princess like you should be anxious and depressed? *winks awkwardly*

Besides, who said you’re only beautiful on the outside? You’re definitely beautiful inside and out.

tu us belle, mi amore


Yup you’re smart, gorgeous. Remember that grades doesn’t define your intelligence. BUT this isn’t just about grade-wise, but life-wise. Know when

1. You should let go of people who doesn’t treat you the way you should be treated

If someone told you you’re: fat, too skinny, dumb, ugly, hoe, slut, bitch, or whatever it may be. SMILE and tell them: “I’m beautiful for who I am, so the jokes on you, jerk” (oops). Any, you don’t need negative people in your life.

2. Know how to love yourself

Can’t deny that sometimes we do look like shit, we’re not fresh as hell everyday that’s for sure, but still learn to love your morning face, morning breath, your messed up hair, etc. Because no one will completely love your “flaws” but you.

3. How to be happy

Treat yourself once in a while – buy new clothes, make-up, favorite food, new book. Or give yourself a lil break – spa, movie marathon, read a good book (would never go wrong with books). Spend more time with your friends, family, pets maybe. Do more of what makes you happy.

4. Remind yourself that you are important to this world

I know this one ain’t as easy as we think, but maybe prepare a motivational jar – write nice things or motivational words (obv) on a piece of paper; normally the things you want to hear from other people eg. make your parents proud.

I’m hoping these simple things would make you happier & be sure to scream to the world that you love yourself.


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