Dealing with Depression



So, not everyone knows this, but I am suffering from depression. And now had the courage to actually write about it! Instead ranting to my friends about my struggles in life, here’s me helping you out – which is better! Enjoy reading!

Depression.. Where to begin? Do I share my own stories now? Define it? All I know is, lots of teenagers (or even kids and adults) suffer from it. Some might say, the person is just “KSP” – Kulang sa Pansin. But how can you easily judge a person without even knowing them or their stories alone? If that’s how it is, it must be hard to live in such society having this kind of mentality. Left and right, judgments; how can you deal with depression if you live in an environment like this?

Depression causes you to have dark times – not being sad-and-emotional-at night-dark times (but I guess it’s a factor), but having suicidal thoughts. It’s not a joke, it’s not a hobby, and it’s definitely not a past time. Depression come and go, you know like trends – culottes last month, now boxed water; so as depression, dealt with it last month, and be a happy go lucky kid this month. Your thoughts? it comes and goes too, like friends; your old friends may leave, and new ones come. Heck, it’s crazy. It doesn’t warn you when you’re going to be haunted by your mixed up emotions.

To lighten things up a bit, here are some common scenarios when I tell someone I suffer from this mental illness:

Me: I’m depressed


“Girl, just think of happy thoughts then you’re fine.”

“I think you’re overreacting”

“what the hell’s wrong with you!? Why are you doing that to yourself??”

“That’s okay, that’s just a phase in life, or it’s your hormones freaking you out”


See the trend? No? Yes? But anyway, some people may not understand what it truly is, or how one deal with it.

Depression – not easy. I myself suffer from it, but I somehow stop it from swallowing me. How you may ask? Here’s how:

1. Distractions


Lmao, yup. It keeps me distracted, I mean, aren’t we all? Instead of stressing about life in general, I’m stressing about my grades and it doesn’t make me feel depressed if I failed academically. I actually laugh at my failed exams (that’s a tip).


Welp, this one’s obvious. As of November 2016, I’m a Vice President for Marketing & Sponsorship in Thomasian Film Society,  I’m a TomCAT member in Finance Division and Photographer’s pool, and am a member of UST Sociological Society. Surprised? Me either. How can one person balance all of this with school? I actually don’t know, but it sure keeps me distracted from my crazy ass depression thoughts.


I treat myself by satisfying my cravings, buying new clothes, and binge watching movies and/or my favorite tv series – friends – as long as you have free time, do these things. When you have a free time and you ain’t doing anything, that’s probably the time wherein depression enters and ruin your day – which is a big NO. Just relax because nobody got time for that.

2. Spread love & positivity

This may be hard for you’re the one who truly needs love and positivity, but why not start from yourself? It isn’t that hard, ’treat people how you want to be treated’ – everyone’s (one of) favorite quote. You can do it little by little really, just don’t think too hard on how it should be done. Think of rainbows and unicorns once you stepped outside of you room (that’s a bit too much but still).

3. Spend more time with friends and family

They may be sometimes the reason why you’re depressed but let’s be real now, they are the best thing you got. They got your back in whatever you may be suffering from, and they also got your back when you want to have fun.

The process of not letting depression eat you isn’t that hard if you think of it. You are bigger than your thoughts, but I do reco if you tried these things I stated and didn’t work, better see a professional.

Laban lang ng laban! Just remember, your future has a lot more to offer – so many blessings are waiting for you. Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else.

Kung kaya ko, kaya mo rin! xx

Lots of love,



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