Farewell, 2016

bye 2016.png

2016 was a dreadful year indeed – not just personally and academically, but politically and economically too. Ahh yes, most people were sick and tired of 2016 that they just wanna fast forward to 2017. Everybody kept on tweeting “2017 Rule: Don’t talk about 2016″ –  which is quite relatable.

Many happened last year that I wasn’t ready to face; anxiety was the worst, I almost failed my major course, lost 2 family members, and many more. But of course as everybody says: life happens. With all these downfalls, there must’ve been upswings – of course! I excelled in extracurricular activities; continued my membership in TomCAT, became Thomasian Film Society’s Vice President for Marketing and Sponsorship, head of an event, staff-on-events galore, and attended at least 6 academic seminars and at least 5 non-academic seminars (basic training, film events). I also had the opportunity to talk to different corporations (even had a ‘business meetings’ hehe) and met few Filipino directors and producers. & until now I don’t know how I balanced all of these in one year.

Eyy, enough with my academic life. In 2016 I started blogging (if that’s what y’all call this), my goal before was to improve my writing skills (cause I suck at it, until now tho) as time goes by (wow sozzy), I now  blog to ‘inspire’ people and to spread love and positivity! I thought of stopping for thinking nobody reads these scandals I’m writing but I was indeed wrong. *hearts everywhere*

Let’s be deep (somehow).. 2016 was also the year I grew into an adulty person (what?). Sociology taught me well, without Socio I’d still be a dumb-ass pretty girl. It opened up my eyes and see the sugar-coated system’s we’re facing today (huwaw). And I am happy to be the person I am today (onting kasipagan nalang, neseken ne eng lehet kidding).

hello 2017.png

Now let’s talk about my new year’s resolution (since it’s about damn time). In 2017 these will done:

1. Drink more water

I gotta start somewhere. Drinking water is one of my problems and I don’t why keeping the (sexy) body hydrated is so hard for me to maintain.

2. More time for myself

Academics truly kill me, a pamper session once in a while won’t hurt.

3. Practice my Photoshop skills

If you don’t know yet, I just discovered my ‘aesthetic’ last year so I want to at least be good at it (lol??)

4. Be more organized

To begin with, I’m a bit organized but I want to be even more organized (there is such thing).

5. Find my third home

I want to at least discover more places where I can relax – near at UST or at home (whichever is more accessible). No not your local Starbucks cafe but somewhere better.

6. Exercise

Exercise… not extra rice (well kinda need it tho). Health is important too.

7. Be a better person

People do say I need to lessen my ‘pag-susungit’, I’ll try okay.

That’s about it. Good luck to all of our new year’s resolution! – we defo need it. What now? I don’t know but a new chapter awaits!

Bring it on 2017 (but please be gentle)!


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