Breakups aren’t that bad


Every teen must have encountered a (painful) heartbreak. Yes, you are not the only one. Do not own every pain in the world, for the pain you’re experiencing now is just temporary. I may not deny this, but at some point; we all truly ‘emote’-d our hearts off. Wherein:

1. You tweet non stop about the break up

Completely normal! Everybody gotta love a tweet that’s full of curse and sad words. 😉 But do remember, not everything is worth tweeting. It’s better to tell your (close) friends about it rather than to the whole virtual world.

2. You invite your friends to drink

Pag may alak, may pusong nawasak – sounds familiar? I guess everybody’s been using this tagline for an excuse to drink. Kidding aside, they do say ‘drink until you forget’ (well a friend of mine told me). Don’t worry about money! Surely you have friends that are willing to treat you some drinks since you are dealing with a rough break up (& you deserve a free drink).

Lastly, this is the part where we drunk text or call – the most fun part of all. Again, do not worry. It’s just your emotions that you’ve been swallowing for the past days. Let it all out! Trust me, it will help a lot.

3. You sing… a lot

You may not have a golden voice, but it shouldn’t stop you from singing emo songs! But you’re practically screaming and shouting whilst crying instead of actually singing and that too, is normal.

The classic OPMs are the best to listen slash sing to. So here’s my lil playlist (aka my OPM appreciation playlist in spotify):
Tell Me Where It Hurts
Only Reminds Me of You
A Little Bit
Especially for You
Love Moves In Mysterious Ways
I Love You Goodbye
•Up Dharma Down
Ako Nalang

4. You’re constantly telling your friends that you can’t seem to forget him/her

Wake up now, you tend to forget what you studied for an exam yet you can’t forget a person that broke your heart? I’ve got news for you hon, you WILL forget that person. Remember how many break ups you’ve had, how you survived your emo days before. And I bet you’re laughing your ass off of how funny you emoted. Someone will make you happy again, someone will make you feel loved. Thus, forgetting that person who broke you.

5. Bitter. You are very bitter.

The concept of love makes you sick. Seeing happy couples make you sick. You just wanna throw all the flowers and chocolates you encounter. And I want you to stop right there, just because you ain’t happy at the moment it doesn’t mean you should take away other peoples happiness. Again, the pain that you’re experiencing now is temporary.

6. Movie marathon (lots of it)

Self pity it is; binge watching romance movies to make you feel bad. Well, make yourself comfortable then and prepare your tissues, popcorn, & blanket! Because here’s a mini list of movies you should watch after a breakup:
• The Break Up
• The Vow
• Dear John
• Sex and the City (1 & 2)
• He’s Just Not That Into You
• Silver Linings Playbook
• Love Rosie
• The Fault in our Stars
• No Strings Attached
• Crazy, Stupid, Love
• Love and Other Drugs
• 500 Days of Summer
& of course
• How to be Single

Everything’s cliche for everyone’s dealing with the same shit. Just remember, single life is a happy life. Jokes aside, I know you can survive this emo phase since you’ve done it multiple times. Life happens; not everyone you meet and love will stay in your life. People come and go, and of course the pain you’re feeling now will go. 🙂 So, wipe those tears and help yourself to move on. xx


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