My Spotify Playlists


We humans (not just millennials) appreciate all kinds of art – painting, statue, even music – especially it has the easiest access above all. We can listen to millions of music online through Youtube, Spinnr, Spotify, and whatnot. We find it as an escape to reality, or maybe to give in into the reality even more. Music can change our mood from one lyric to another. Lastly, music does make us all a crappy or excellent singer. To improve our singing abilities, here are the brief descriptions of my Spotify playlists and cover arts by yours truly. Hope you enjoy!

spotify cover art 3.jpg

This playlist is called ‘current obsessions’ (which I translated in Japanese to add artsy effect), well obviously whatever is hot at the moment will most probably end up here. Technically, the only one’s that I actually like. So hey, if you like listening to the latest hits this one’s for you.

Playlist link:

spotify cover art1.jpg

This one’s a personal fave not going to lie. It consists of underrated music that calms the f out of us (well not literally). Personally, this playlist is perfect to listen to at night. There ain’t any ‘viral’ ones in here, so you’ll defo discover new music.

Playlist link:


My playlist ‘classique’ consists of the 90′s to early 2000′s hits. The classic rnb’s are welcome here; sing Dilemma, Mad, I like the way you lie, etc. You’ll definitely enjoy this one for our generation grew up with these songs and trust me you will reminisce the good old days.

Playlist link:


Another personal fave! Now this one’s the true oldie, you will hear the greatest hits from the 50s to 2000s that even a 16 year old know the lyrics of the songs are. You can definitely plug this to your car and sing with your parents or even grandparents! That’s how old and amazing this playlist is.

Playlist link:


Who doesn’t like a challenge? Challenge I mean, singing your lungs out. This one’s a breather no doubt. Want to sing like Mariah? Adele? how about Sia? Well then, sing as loud as you can with this playlist!

Playlist link:

cover art 7.jpg

Rather than reminiscing the good old days, let’s bring out the kid in us and sing with Mulan, Cinderella, and various Disney magical songs. Your younger relatives will love you for having this playlist. Also, have an escape from the ordinary and everyday music you listen to. I reckon you will fall in love with this one.

Playlist link:


Ahh, after a tiring day, you deserve to relax and hopefully 8 hours of sleep. Personally, I need to listen to something when falling as sleep for without it, I’ll be stuck with my ridiculous late night thoughts and just scare myself to sleep. Nobody likes that, so here’s a list of calm and soothing songs.

Playlist link:

That’s about it. I do hope you’ll love (even not all) my spotify playlists. Let me know which one’s your favorite!


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