You are creative

You are a smart beautiful young lady, who needs to feel more special and needs to be loved. Because once again, you are:


Girl, the little shenanigans you do like: DIYs, crafts, or even make-up , is something you should be proud of. Being creative just doesn’t mean you should know how to draw/paint, because GIRL LET’S BE REAL, some are blessed with these talents and some are not, & I, MYSELF is not an artist but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be told that I’m a creative person. The stereotypical things shouldn’t hinder you from receiving compliments from another human being. Be as creative as you want, be creative on how to apply make-up on, or how to make a yummy grilled cheese sandwich (which is for you of course (spoil yourself)), or even writing sweet letters to your family/friends, heck nobody’s stopping you from being creative but YOU.

You see, you just need to believe in yourself that you can do these Pinterest/Youtube thing that everyone’s faffing about. And to think about it, the only problem you got is money, cause you need to buy some materials to do it. *yikes*

But nonetheless, do whatever that makes you happy, in fact, do more of it. There’ll be zero regrets and a hundred of happiness.


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