You are sexy

You should definitely read this one for you to know that you are:


Can you believe that you’re a sexy lady? 😉 well, of course you are! People say, being sexy comes in different sizes. Surprise, just because you don’t have a 24 inch waist you ain’t sexy! That is ridiculous! No matter if you have a 35 or 40 inch waist as long you’re healthy then you’re imperfectly perfect! Don’t forget to take care of your body, silly.

3 ways to be ‘sexy or what i’d like to call it fit:

1. Eat healthy
2. Sleep right &;
3. Exercise regularly

Isn’t that easy? – of course not especially if you’re a college student. But hey, here are more ways to be healthy! Not just physically but also mentally.

1. Give your mind a break

Have a journal and just let all your emotions free! Or, you could also read a book of your choice. Don’t pressure yourself too much on school, have a rest day (Sunday) wherein you do the stuff you want/love! Always make time on your passion.

2. Get outside

This one’s for the mind and body. Just simply go outside and have a stroll around the neighborhood, or jog/run, go on a hike for in just doing these things, you tend to appreciate your surrounding even more (trust me, I have done this before). Simply just getting in touch with nature and whatnot.

3. Spice up your water

Just add some fruits you like; it could be strawberries, lemon, etc.

I hope these little things help you and reminded you that you are sexy! xx


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