Discovering McKinley Hill

a day in the life

My cousins and I went to South yet again! My cousin needed to deliver her 3-story cake for her relative’s wedding then decided to explore South. Well I came cause 1. Everything’s libre when I’m with my working cousins and 2. I don’t much have a choice since their car broke, they borrowed ours.

The wedding was at Manila Polo Club and oh boi, I got a lil excited! Although no horses can be seen but the place was a beaut. The wedding? Gorgeous. We weren’t invited but we got a sneak peek of the reception place. It reminded me of my dream wedding, of course mine is totally gonna be better (yikes future hubby and self, get your bank accounts ready).

It has beautiful chandeliers inside and out of the reception.

After my cousin added decorations to the wedding cake, we went to McKinley! At first we were bummed for rain was a guest that day and thought we couldn’t scavenge through McKinley. Luckily it stopped. Next problem was, since the place is new and social media-hot, we thought there will be lots of people. Well…. the first hour wasn’t so bad.. but the next hours… you can be the judge of that.

Since few years back I’ve been to Hong Kong’s version of Grand Canal, I can say that surprisingly, our’s is better.

Hong  Kong’s Grand Canal is located indoors so the place has a ceiling and painted sky.

Our’s out in the open, the enemy? Rain. The buildings surrounded the place did not ruin it. For me it added a touch of colors. Although it would’ve been better without it. But oh well.


But of course knowing that we’ll be strolling around the city, I wore something ‘nice’. And whilst we walk along McKinley, my eyes were wide open looking for that ‘instagram’ background.

My boyfriend tee is from @90skidsph on Instagram. Since I don’t have a boyfriend to lend me some huge shirts, i bought myself one lol.

Whilst we wait for our gondola ride, we ate at a Korean dessert resto called Seol Bang and shopped at Mumuso – which I frickin loved! Affordable + Kawaii stuff all in one. I will totally come back…..but at UPTC branch. As we killed time, McKinley is best at night.

Look-at-that-beuty. Added a few filters of course, but still… look at that. Brighter than my own future. I actually tried to Brandon Woelfel (which by the way I tweeted and he noticed!! Ultimate fangirling!) my photo I guess my best wasn’t good enough. Kidding aside, we waited for the lights to literally and figuratively get lit!! No doubt, it was worth it. The ride was okay by the way there was no performer, unlike in HK, they actually sing for you. On the brighter side, there was a live performance and I’m not sure if it’s just a valentines special or not. But nonetheless, I loved the place. It ain’t completely open. The actual mall is still under construction. I can’t wait to go to South again and discover new places, cause I bet yo ass I’d obsess taking photos.


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