Moving on

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Have you been in a relationship where you thought it’ll last forever? Let’s dwell on the traditional courtship; at first you were so thirsty to make this perfect girl to be yours. Doing everything you can – buy her flowers, treat her meals, going to movies, buy her everything you can possibly afford just to hear that sweet “yes” (but hey, never forget to please her parents too). Anyway, throughout your relationship, there’ll be ups and downs. But there’ll be a point where one of you is so damn tired of the repetitive shit you two are going through so here comes the break-up part where one will give you messed up reasons like “it’s not you, it’s me” (but it is actually you), “I just need to find myself, alone” (which actually they’re going to find (or maybe already found) the person who’ll help him/her find him/herself), “I’m tired of our relationship” (relationship aka your attitude). Surely there are more reasons out there that we’re all tired of hearing and here comes you a single potato crying, contemplating in life, thinking how you’ll survive without your babyloves. I won’t judge, it’s our little secret. Again, Breakups aren’t that bad (a blog I’ve also written before read here: Breakups aren’t that bad). Then again, we’re done talking about breakups, let’s talk about moving on. There are many ways on coping breakups. Just like…

Project - Drawing 1-1315212255.png

Alcohol will be your next bae for the next couple of weeks (hoping weeks not months) and I won’t blame you. Drink to forget right? Susuka pero hindi susuko diba?  Go to your local bar, it will not only help you move on but it’ll build your relationship with your friends, here are some recommendations:

Sossy drinker? Drink wine, tequila, or even cocktails.

Not a drinker? Drink some Tanduay Ice – it tastes oh-so-delish!

Wanna go hard on beers? I reckon, Red Horse (buy the mucho one! it’ll save you some cash)

But if you really want to get drunk in a minute: GSM Blue, Smirnoff vodka, and/or maybe some black label heck, whatever you liver contends.

And who knows maybe you’ll meet the love of your life in the bar the next time you’re going to your local bar.


Project - Drawing 4513228943-1

only drunk call.. okay? Because you wouldn’t want to see this in your phone:

Project - Drawing 1-127113996-1-1-1
Yes sorry for the crappy illustration (I’m working on it)

Or idk, maybe worse:Project - Drawing 1-261639131-1-1.png

On to the next part of moving on..

Project - Drawing 1-922709815-1

Retweeting relatable quotes non-stop; yup, making sure your ex reads your retweets or you reading your ex tweets. Visiting the ‘tagged photos’ or ‘liked tweets’ to make sure your ex is also going through hell like you or making sure he/she isn’t flirting with anyone yet. Seriously people stop stalking. It’ll just make the pain you’re having worse (lol coming from me right, such a clown). Stalk someone else, the pretty girl in your class, the hot athlete guy in your school. Just don’t go to your ex’s profile then you’re going to be fine.

Project - Drawing 11014721845-1-1-1

People often block their ex on social media, personally it’s immature to do so. But if it’ll help you to move on, who am I to stop you. But seriously? Is it hashtag can’t handle fame aka blocking him/her to not find out who I’m seeing atm?

You know what? Forget about social media and your typical cocktail, go to the strip club! Remember Joey Tribbiani’s moving on phases? Let’s have a recall:

Phase one – you are stuck in your sweatpants/jammies. Because you still don’t know what to do with your life that even changing your clothes is impossible.

Phase two: getting drunk and going to a strip club

Phase three: picturing yourself with other women

and lastly, Chandler Bing’s Phase four: where you don’t want to be in a relationship, ever.

But since we’ve already settled everything on this list, you can also distract yourself by doing so many things for example:

Project - Drawing 7662792350-1
whilst you eat dozens of sweets especially ice cream! Eat your heart out, cry on movies! Don’t cry because of your ex that’s lame yo (kidding).

But nonetheless, never forget to love yourself again. It’s going to be rough, you’ll miss the person a lot, regretting so many things you should’ve done to make the love lasts. But, you shouldn’t always blame yourself for such thing. You should realize that one door closes, another one opens. Just like legs…kidding of course. On a serious note, cliche as it is, there are 7 billion people on this planet, stop chasing to a single individual who doesn’t care about you anymore. Focus on yourself for once in a while. Wanna talk about God? Then God planned something better for you, mate. Don’t ever think that nobody will ever love you like your ex did or the other way around. Because somebody will, it might not be the opposite gender, but your family, or maybe yourself.

Project - Drawing 1662792350.png


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