D i a r y : 1

I see you’ve found a new ‘thing’ on my blog which is my diary entry. My entries won’t be too personal cause that’s lame and sharing everything to the virtual world is creepy. So hey, welcome to my diary-like blog posts where I type my brain farts – as in topics my brain just wanna release and talk about nonsense or write things that bothers me or it’s been emotionally damaging me that I need to expose my feelings in order to completely move on (not really on love). A little disclaimer, this won’t be as ‘funny’ (claiming it) or ‘sarcastic’ (entitling myself) as my “main” blog posts. This won’t be as clean and organized, or summarizing the post in the conclusion, or giving you tips and advise and cheering you up. This will be unfiltered content from me (let’s just pretend my other blog posts are filtered (even if they’re not)). It’ll be just my pure thoughts. So, here’s my first entry, I hope you enjoy!

Let’s talk about women real quick. This is all about the emotions we feel when men cheats on us. If you haven’t watched My Ex and Why’s please do, but if yes, then let’s talk about Liza’s famous line “pangit ba ako?” Everybody made fun of it because obviously Liza is a goddess (thank you Lord for blessing her with so much beauty without sharing some to us peasants). Anyway, when I watched that part where Liza asked bazillion of questions to Enrique, it literally made me cry. It was so accurate that it feels like I should be the one who’s portraying the role.

When a guy cheats, us women will never forget it – not the guy but the insecurities we’ll be feeling afterwards. We do became savage bitches and saying “I don’t care” / “there’s lots of guys to flirt with” and what not, but the moment we find a guy who we think is the perfect match for us, this thought will remain and reminding us “he’ll cheat on you soon, so don’t get too attached”. We always wonder “why the hell did he cheat on me?” – was it because I don’t wear any makeup? But then again, men keep on telling us not to wear any because we look better without it. But it’s bullshit cause he finds a woman who wears make up, and thought to myself, you didn’t liked them. Or maybe because I really am ugly and finding prettier women is easier for you to do rather than accepting my flaws. Cheating is the worst ways one will ever do. Go back to hell and join Kylie Jenner to realize stuff.


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  1. Daysxgrace says:

    Gurl mas pretty ka sa mga pinalit niya hehehe always remember that 😉

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    1. huhu baby, i know 😦


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