(1) Are you sure about this?

Hello, I’m Denysse – baristas usually spell my name Denise but I usually give them Aphrodite to make their lives easier which you can totally call me too. Don’t believe me? here are various self illustrations that I made, I can’t draw faces but it’s the thought that counts!  I’m currently studying AB Sociology in the University of Santo Tomas and has 2 years of experience in marketing and sponsorship in my organization Thomasian Film Society and this year’s corporate secretary. I’m a 40 year old woman in a body of a 19 year old – mug shopping excites me, however, I’m still in the process of wanting to learn knitting for my future cats and dogs. This 19 year old body loves fashion but not makeup, people basically tease my non-existent brows and I don’t get it for they should laugh at my parent’s genes – which is why I’m still convincing myself to believe that Mona Lisa is my mom? Dad? Cousin? Wherever in my family tree it may be. I love listening to Christmas songs even if it is summertime and I love taking photos/videos at the same time editing them *awkwardly winks at When in Manila* I find beauty in almost everything, telling my friends this place is Instagram-worthy while they’re giving me this bish whet face. But the moment I send them the edited photos I can see a “are you god?” face from them (god more like Medusa). Here’s some of my before and after photos:

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Photography has been my passion for years now whilst blogging is my new passion for the past year. I write to spread self-love and positivity and I also write about adulting topics (such as sex, breakups, or moving on from a relationship), feature restaurants (that aren’t sponsored just to be clear), travelogue-ish entry, and talk about my day – I basically write about anything my brain farts really (also known as every interesting thing happened in my life). So I can basically write about anything really. Whenever I write, I don’t think too hard on how to make the post entertaining enough for people to read – this is the part where I compliment my humor but it really is just my sarcastic self pretending to be cool to somehow persuade my readers that I’m actually funny. Although you might argue, a Sociology major like me should be writing my thesis instead of various cocktail mixes. But do more what makes you happy, right? My creativity is still alive because I chose to spend time with the things that I love to do most.

Now let’s talk about me entering When In Manila’s internship, this will be what we millennials call ‘lit’. There are too many opportunities to grab and the learning process with experts is tangible. But nonetheless, I will be very much honored to be a part of the team for I know that my skills will not only contribute in When In Manila but will also improve gradually. To end this wonderful post; this smart brain of mine can give you savage comebacks, sexual puns (which is my forte) and sarcastic jokes that people can’t really tell if I’m telling the truth or not. What a package! On the serious note, I take criticisms well so I’m very much open for improvements. So this me ending my post awkwardly. Hope you enjoyed reading, you sexy thing!


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