City of Dreams

If you think I made this title up then you are absolutely wrong. We literally went to City of Dreams *cue sparkles and magical music* last November 5 regardless of my month-worth of work and thesis. I KNOW IT WAS A COCKY MOVE FOR ME TO COME WITH But hey, I think I deserve a…


Last August 8, Tuesday, my organization Thomasian Film Society had its annual Executive Board photoshoot. We decided to have it at Marikina, frickin’ Marikina. It’s a lovely place don’t get me wrong, but if you know me well.. I really don’t know how to get to places without a private car or even an uber….

Escolta Block Party

Third Escolta Block Party was held on May 20, 2017. Bummed missed the 2nd one, but this time more photos (taken and edited by me) and came with my friends! Invited them to appreciate the beauty of Escolta, sadly some appreciated the alcohol more rather than the place itself. Although, there are new boutiques to…

(3) South we go!

Yesterday, April 15, 2017 my family and I went to BGC to tryout bunch of restos and stroll around the city. As it was black saturday, there wasn’t much traffic; from Mindanao avenue to Greenhills took us about 10-15 minutes. Wishing it was like this every single day. We arrived at BGC and of course…

Spontaneous Adventures

Last April 10, 2017 as my friends and I finished our ojt early, we decided to go Arrow shooting. We went to DMZ Archery at Visayas avenue. It’s 200 pesos for unlimited arrows within an hour. Totes worth it!! Afterwards, we went to Grub Hub before going home.

Discovering McKinley Hill

My cousins and I went to South yet again! My cousin needed to deliver her 3-story cake for her relative’s wedding then decided to explore South. Well I came cause 1. Everything’s libre when I’m with my working cousins and 2. I don’t much have a choice since their car broke, they borrowed ours. The…

Tagaytay escapade

As Philippines heated up in summer, we went to Tagaytay to cool off a bit! We went to various places here are the photos:

Exploring Taguig

As my family and I ended our year 2014, we decided to explore South! South as in Quezon City South, not province kind of south. Here are some of photos I took during the trip: